Monday, July 8, 2013

Two New Covers for the Forced To Serve series

This is just an FYI to readers of the Forced To Serve series. I've updated two of the covers for marketing reasons. Several sites loved the covers for Books 1 & 2, but were unwilling to advertise books with the previous 'embracing couples' of Books 3 & 4.

Because I LOVE this series, changing the covers seemed like a small detail to be able to broaden the audience.  So I did. . .

Once again my cover artist, Dara England of LFD Designs for Authors, has given me two WONDERFUL new covers. Many thanks.

The Siren's Call features Commander Gwen Jet.

The Healer's Kiss features Boca Ador.

Check out the banner image in this article to see the whole set. 

The Demon's Change will be the next release (coming this Fall).

So don't buy the books again. The content is the same. Only the covers have changed.  I have to say I like these even more than the originals. Hope you do too.

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