Thursday, February 27, 2014

Guest Author: SETH by Eve Langlais (BK 5 Cyborgs)

All paranormal writers are readers of the genre in one form or another. I especially love science fiction and this series about Cyborgs is one of my favorites. It is my pleasure today to feature the newest release from Eve Langlais which I have already devoured. This one starts delving into the mystery of their creation. I love where this series is going. Thank you, Eve! ~ DM

Book 5 of Cyborgs: More than Machines

Cybernetic spy models are different from other humans turned machine. For one thing, they never completely lost touch with their humanity, or their memories. But retaining their identity doesn’t mean the military didn’t mess with their lives.

Seth lost the woman he loved because of their web of lies. When the chance arises to make things right, he relies on his superior intellect—and irresistible charm—to prove his innocence, and make Anastasia his again.

Anastasia might possess upgraded parts and programming, but the scientists never could cure her of her biggest weakness, jealousy. The volatile emotion made her walk away from love once.

Can she overcome it and recognize the truth? Or will she continue to let the military manipulate her emotional strings?

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Guest Author: HER CYBORG AWAKES by Melisse Aires

BOOK 1 of the DIASPORA Series

Sabralia lives a lonely but luxurious life in Emperor Sirn’s Harem. Her only companion is her obedient servant, Qy, a cyborg. Her life has largely been controlled by others, but when Sirn demands his Harem pleasure his Commanding Officers at a victory celebration, Sabralia makes a daring plan to hide to avoid rape by Sirn's men.

The Palace is ambushed and her cyborg gets her off world. The impossible has happened−Qy the gentle cyborg becomes the man he once was, the warrior Kaistril. Pursued for valuable information, Sabralia is thrust into dangerous, unfamiliar situations where she must stand up to the challenges, or lose the man she loves.

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