Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Contest Winners: Naming the ship (Update June 19)

I'm a little later than I thought, but I have picked winning names. I wanted to run my choices by my editor to see if he agreed they would work in the series. Here are the final decisions. I ended up working in several suggestions.

Current rescue ship from Books 1-4 has been christened the "Liberator".  I let Gwen have her way about it because it fit the smaller, stealthy rescue ship. However, she now loses her vote for future ships which is where I am choosing to apply the names.

Those who read the series know the crews keeps expanding. The mission in Book 3 highlights to Captain Synar and his crew that a larger, more technically advanced ship would be a good idea. So Liam is going to ask the Peace Alliance for an upgrade to a "Guardian" level vessel. If it gets to happen, and I feel 100% sure it will, the new rescue ship coming in Book 4 and/or 5 will be called the "Guardian". Thanks to Cassie from FB for that name!

At the end of Book 3, the crew will be preparing for the next mission in Book 4 which will have help from two more ships. So I have chosen the names "Paladin" and "Dreadnought" for those two ships. Thanks to Michelle for those names!

Winners will be contacted by email or private message to receive a code for a free copy of THE SIREN'S CALL which will be published in a few days.



 Star Trek has the Enterprise. Star Wars has the Millennium Falcon. And Firefly has the Serenity. However, in the FORCED TO SERVE series, no one has named the ship.

In the back story, the ship's name is only initials and a number. I called it the FTS-13. Boring--yes I know--so I'm turning the dilemma into a contest. I purposely did not mention the ship's name in Books One and Two, but would like to officially name it in THE SIREN'S CALL (Book Three) which will be coming out soon, hopefully later this month.

Want to help name the ship? You can see a small version of it in the Book One cover. From now until Sunday June 17, I will accept name suggestions in the comments of this blog.

The winner will receive acknowledgement and win a free ebook copy of THE SIREN'S CALL when it is released.

Commander Gwen Jet wanted me to make sure participants remembered that English is the common language on the ship. Translation: the ship gets an Earth English name. She is suggesting we call it the Liberator. I thought Demon Runner sounded good, but Captain Synar is not keen on my choice for obvious reasons.

So pick something better or we'll have to use Gwen's suggestion. She's so aggressive, it's hard to tell her no. Dorian said he's not fighting over the ship's name. Ania is just shrugging. No one else cared. But I'm tired of writing "back to the ship". I'd rather write "back to the Liberator" or. . .whatever.

Rules: 1) Ship's name has to be cool and appropriate in the eyes of the author. 2) Participants can enter a suggestion if they want to win, or vote on one already made to help someone else win, but only the person who suggests the chosen name wins the prize. 3) The name has to be something Captain Synar would approve of because the ship is his life, and he is the author's life, and. . .well you can see where I'm going with this one.

Winner will be announced on this blog Monday, June 18. Announcement of selected name will be sent out via social media, but you'll need to come back to the blog post to see the winner. I will also email or contact the winner to let them know.

Please remember to bookmark, sign up to follow the site, have the blog emailed, or add it to your RSS feed so you will be sure and see the winner when it's announced.

Thanks for the entering the contest!
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